Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Shinning Stars Behavior Chart

I love using this style behavior chart with my four year olds, it's very simple for them to understand.  Everyone starts the day on the super happy face.... and I allow for one freebie verbal warning.  After a verbal warning and a class rule has been broken the child's star will fall to the happy face.  Where they will spend 4 minutes on the thinking mat, when time is up we go over what the better choice would have been, plus the child will automatically loose their computer time for the day, if later in the day for the next morning.  If by chance good choices are forgotten again the star falls to the not so happy face.  When a star is here 5 minutes in spent on the thinking mat, and a one on one meeting with the teacher will be done after time is up to go over why good choice are not being made and to again go over what the good choices are and then reminded what will happen if their star shall fall again.  If again all good choices have just flown out the window, and the star shall fall again to the sad face thinking time will be served in the office and a sad note will be sent home to the parents.  I've found by the time a child has gotten to the not so happy face behavior greatly improves... with punishments set in place for office visits and parent notification the idea really deters the negative choices.   Those who are able to stay of the super happy face all week get a choose a prize out of the prize box.   This is one of three possible ways kids get to pick a prize.  The other two is completing any homework and turn it in by deadline and able to dictate the weeks Bible verse via memory.

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