Sunday, May 27, 2012

End Of School

Well another school year has come to an end and with all the craziness to wrap everything up I managed NOT to get any pics of final memory books or anything else.  So will leave you with a few random memories.

K4 Field Day and End of the year picnic was a major hit, the kids LOVED it.  The overall favorite game was the tug-a-war.  Our class beat only one other class but we will take it (and I will send home a gym memberships to all my parent's after we lost to a class of parents that had 2 broken legs and another parent who just had knee surgery!!)

Family Night at Gatti Town was a load of fun.... and I was able to continue my undefeatable record in air hockey (don't worry I was playing my husband, I do let kids win whenever I play them.)

The Learning Station Concert was an absolute blast!!!!  This is one field trip I look forward to going on each and every year.  The bottom picture is Mrs. Susan on of my fellow K4 teachers down the hall from me..... we are proud to show the world how to rock out an air bass!!

We ended the year with our final field trip to the strawberry patch.  The kids thought this was the best thing ever and were excited to go home and eat the berries they had picked!!  And I have to add I was lucky to receive a small jar of homemade strawberry jam made from the strawberries we picked from one of my parents.  Very yummy, and very grateful.

We had a great year and will miss all the "babies" that are going off to Kindergarten.  But excited to prepare for my new group to enter my classroom as Big 4 year olds ready to learn. So over the summer keep a look out for items I will be preparing for the upcoming school year and not to mention VBS items!  I will be working one at work and am the Director of the VBS at my church, both will be doing Lifeway's Amazing Wonder's Aviation.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 Class prayer song

Each day during the school year at the Christian School I teachat the kids take turns each day with a prayer.  Well the second to the last week of school it hit me that I needed to record each child saying a prayer and use it in the slideshow I do each year for my class.  This is the end result of that prayer song we did.