Friday, December 23, 2011

Hand print Calender- parent gift

Another idea to got from various sources on pintrest.  I adapted to better fit 1. A Christian preschool 2. A week to get 9 of these made while still fitting in Christmas program practice and regular classroom routines in!!

Cover poem:

I know that you wipe some away
But these hand prints were made to stay.
One each month I made for you
Some are red, some are blue.
So keep them forever, a treasure they'll be.
A special "I Love You" from me.

for each month there was a picture made using hand print, palm print or finger prints.  I have seen several teacher's/parents use a poem for each month, but I used a Bible verse at the bottom of each calendar month.

Jan: Snowman
Feb: Heart
March: Shamrock
April: Umbrella
June: Caterpillar and butterflies- thumbprints
July: Sun
August: Fish
Sep: Apple- palm print
Oct: Pumpkin- palm print
November: Turkey
December: Christmas tree

I wasn't happy with the item I used to bind them together, I used plastic like key ring hoops, the metal book rings would have done much better or using a binding system.

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