Friday, May 13, 2011

This room has been declared a disaster area!!

Soo many projects I just want to jump into, if only I could find my cricut, my scissors, some paper... even my photos!!

No I was lucky enough to miss all those horrible storms that hit areas all around us (though I lost a whole nights sleep listening for the weather radio), no my scrap room has found it self being used for yet another purpose... a storage closet.  Sad to say. My room is pack up, though to make it fair sweet hubby cant make it to his drums either.

Here's what happen, well my job I love soo much changed.  I'm doing the same thing but had an amazing offer that I couldn't refuse... we've all had those.  More money, more benefits, more curriculum and support I have been looking for, a Christian curriculum (it's a church child care and preschool) and best part it's a non-profit!! Why this so great... money that comes in goes to where it needs to, not into someones pocket when toys need to be replace, teachers need raises, rooms need up to date equipment and so on.  The downfall to this move is I don't have my own classroom until Sep!! (I'm hoping my summer assignment leads me to my school year classroom) meaning I have a boxed up classroom in my scrap space until I figure out where else I can store it for a couple more months. So if it seems I'm missing in action may be that I'm trying to dig a tunnel so maybe I can work on something!!

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