Sunday, January 23, 2011

A great uplifting

So my job as a K4 teacher in a daycare has is up and down moments without much recognition at all.  Most parents I know look at me as a glorified babysitter regardless of all the time and effort I spend on my free time to do lesson plans and prepare great education experience for their children.  Sometimes I wonder WHY!! I keep doing it.. I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world but it sometimes gets hard and frustrating.  Then moments like I got today happen and I remember Why....

I was car shopping a new used Jeep when I got a series of Text messages so went to go see what was up.  I found that I had a several page text message from a Mom of one of my grads from last year:

Hey Melissa how are you?  I have a (child's name omitted) update for you.  His teacher told me Friday that they had PALS testing last week and that he can read words on a 4th grade level and wanted to keep reading but she had to stop him!  I am so proud, of course and I just wanted to thank you for working with him as such a young age. (side not I had him since he was three.. and he had a late birthday so he left me at 5 and half). He wouldn't be doing so well without the start you gave him.  What you are teaching these kids really matters!  Thank you!

This brings a tear to my eye and makes me eager to walk back into my classroom in the morning.   If you have a child in a childcare program or in school anywhere and you think their teacher is doing a great job.. Let them know.  We are underpaid for what we do everyone knows, and we do this for the Love of the Job.  It's these random thank yous and recognition that help us keep going.

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  1. Melissa missing you in the bloging world, I hope eveything is going well with you. I am glad you got the text on how much you touch the lives of the kids you teach. You have such an important job. Have a great weekend and hope to see you around soon......~Cherrie~