Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher Bee Attitude theme and classroom set up

My school's back to school, meet the teacher night theme was Bee Attitudes.  In addition each month we will concentrate on one Bee Attitude.  Also new this school year is our curriculum.  About a month before we started back the K3 and K4 teachers were informed of the change, we received the actual curriculum a little over a week ago.  With Meet the teacher night being this past Thursday, we all have all have an extremely busy week from pulling our rooms together, putting our parent packets together and preparing to start a new curriculum this coming Tues!!  But God works in wondrous ways and I know he will work through us for a smooth and productive school year.

Our new curriculum is from Bob Jones University, The K4's curriculum is called Footsteps for Fours.  It is a very hands on student interactive program.  Using a seasonal tree as main "home" for circle time with Max the dog and his forest friends and his human family.  My overall impression of the curriculum at the moment is good.  I like how it's set up and organized.  With three k3 classes and three K4 classes (we usually have four K4 but had to cut one class due to lack of numbers of enrollment) I believe this will help keep all classes on the same page.  Plus with past years of creating our own thematic curriculum a lot of  basic skills have been neglected.  Our curriculum also includes daily bible lessons.
This is a photo of my sample display of the curriculum for parents to check out on Meet the Teacher night.

Since our Schools theme this school year is Bee Attitudes we decorated the school in bees.  Each classroom signed up to be a certain color bee hive.  Mine was green... my bee hive in my opinion looked more like a tree being invaded by a swarm of bees.   Here is my decor and yellow cup that was turned into a treat holder for each of my new students.


Now for my room arrangement for the upcoming school year.  I was able to add to some centers I was really hoping to, just wish my room size could grow with it. 

Large Group  meeting area

Computer/Listening center and student work display

another view of group time center with my new space carpet I picked up from Costco over the summer.

Cubbies with parent info board and art center
Art center, sensory table, and the back side of science center
expanded science center

Math and manipulative's center

Writing center
Our fish tanks, starting the year with 9 fish and 1 aquatic frog

Block center

Kitchen center

Literacy Center
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